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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

11 million Spaniards earn less than 1,100 Euros a month

These 11 million represents 58 per cent of salaried employees. The poorest region is Extremadura with 70 per cent having a gross annual salary of less than 13,400 Euros. The next poorest region is Murcia with 67 per cent, followed by Andalucia with 64 per cent. As might be expected the area around Madrid is the wealthiest (not counting Ceuta and Melilla, whose populations are too small to be statistically relevant in national terms) with only 48 per cent. The Canaries represent the national median, with 65 per cent. Median household debt is estimated at 37,400 Euros. The cost of an average mortgage of 149,974 Euros taken out over 27 years is estimated to have risen from 616 to 820 Euros a month during the period from 2005 to 2007.

It is probably not wise to translate these figures directly into British terms because the cost of living is probably rather different - heating and food costs are probably somewhat lower than in the UK for example, but on the other hand the overall tax burden may be somewhat higher. I understand also that the rate of unemployment is also considerably higher in Spain than the UK at about 8.1 per cent (UK estimate - 2.9 per cent). However for me they do place the differences in some kind of context.

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