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Monday, 1 October 2007

Casabill - the blog: Welcome!

This is the first post in my blog designed to complement the website devoted to a small holiday home I am buying in the Costa Calida, Spain, within Mazarron Country Club (MCC) - there are a couple of related links in the column at left which provide more information about MCC.

I shall be travelling out to Spain later this month to 'complete' the purchase, the property having been completed only just about a month ago. Naturally I am looking forward eagerly to my next visit when I will be there for almost three weeks. Assuming all goes well I will plan to return to Spain again toward the end of January (or perhaps early February) next year for a longer stay of about three months; these longer stays over the winter are likely to be a regular pattern in coming years, together with (no doubt) a couple of additional 'ad hoc' visits of shorter duration during the year. This will in fact repeat the pattern begun a year ago as I spent a few weeks there in late spring last year followed by several months last winter, both stays in rented properties.

My first visit to the immediate area (at least in recent years - I first visited La Manga just over 20 years ago) was about two years ago when I reserved the property I am now purchasing; it has in some ways been a 'long' two years, but in retrospect it has passed quite rapidly - in any case the wait will I am sure have been worth it.

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Bill said...

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AVIL said...

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Bill said...

I have allowed the comment above through 'moderation' even though it violates the terms for use of this facility, shown in the 'Copyright & Site Information' section (relating to having been posted purely to promote another website, rather than for being what I would describe as a 'real' comment) and it is not 'timely' in that it is added to an article 15 months old.

The reason I have allowed it through is because it seems a 'benign' violation of the 'terms for use' I apply here and the target website does not seem to do anything (in a directly commercial sense) other than being a lengthy 'puff' piece for La Manga without any real way of making use of the (in some ways useful and descriptive) information provided.

I am sorry for the tedious length of my remarks, but I wish to make the point that I take the 'terms for use' here very seriously and will not allow this blog to become a platform for pointless messages with ulterior motives.

Having said all this: "Welcome!"