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Sunday, 7 October 2007

Corvera airport compulosry purchase notifications published

Plans for the new regional airport for Murcia to be built at Corvera are advancing with the publication in the Boletin Oficial (BORM) of the compulsory purchase orders for the land necessary to build the airport (see BORM published 3OCT07 here [.pdf] - pages 20860-20866 are the relevant ones). The area of land to be acquired in the first phase amounts to 3.1 mio m2, described here as being the equivalent of 375 football pitches! The remaining 500,000 m2 required for the airport will be the subject of future notices. Landowners affected have 15 days to submit their comments.

Earlier comment indicated that building work on the new airport would commence by the end of 2007 with the first flights due to commence in 2009, with the initial phase catering for upto 1.5 mio passengers per year (at a cost of 106 mio Euros), with a later phase to increase capacity by a further 3 mio passengers per year projected to cost 45 mio Euros.

I am not clear just how quickly all these compulsory purchase orders will be enforced to enable all these timetables to be met. Once the new airport is operational it will hugely increase the ease and flexibility of getting to/from the Murcia region, currently mainly reliant on Murcia-San Javier (MJV) airport, which has become increasingly busy in recent years. I have put notes on getting to the area where my property is located from MJV and the other two potentially suitable airports (ALC and LEI) in my other website here.

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