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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Life's not a barrel of laughs for some Bulgarians in Spain

Not if the barrel in question is an overturned concrete wine vat where you and your family must try and live whilst working to bring in the grape harvest in rural Spain, in this case in Castilla-La Mancha. Although Bulgaria has been an EU member since January this year, its citizens do not have the right to seek paid employment in most of the 'EU 15' for a couple of years, even if they may now travel freely to them.

Local farmers say their livelihoods depend on the authorities turning a 'blind-eye' to their employment of illegal workers and although most locals say the ioncomers do no harm, there are mutterings that some are not here to work (i.e. that they may be supplementing their meagre incomes, although a fortune back home in Bulgaria, by thieving, etc).

It's a commonly-seen problem throughout the 'EU15', as we know only to well in the UK - basically caused by the huge disparity in the economies of western and eastern European nations.

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