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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Spanish king defends role of monarchy ...

(Please see update at end)

... as a pillar of the Spanish constitution and its parliamentary democracy. The country has enjoyed its longest period ever of stability and prosperity, said the king, as a result of the stability offered by the constitution.

These comments come in the wake of attacks on it in the Catalan north-east of the country, where two separatists publicly burned pictues of the king in September. This began a debate in the Catalan areas, but it has now sparked a national debate in Spain about the role of the monarchy and it is in the light of this that the normally neutral monarch has felt obliged to make his views known in public.

UPDATE: (Thursday 4OCT07 11.40 BST) The Spanish government and senior opposition leaders yesterday sought to defuse recents protests in Catalonia against the king and the monarchy. Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos is quoted dismissing:

"... the antics of a tiny minority, a bunch of hooligans, that have been magnified by the media. The vast majority of Spaniards love and support their king. These protests will only serve to reinforce the prestige of our monarch."

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