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Monday, 12 November 2007

My new holiday home - mission accomplished

I returned back home to Nairn last Tuesday, but have been busy with various matters since then so have only now had time to post here about my recent trip out to Spain.

Happily my trip was successful and I took possession of my new holiday home on 24th October, as scheduled. The procedure was relatively straightforward and the visit to the notary that day to make the final payment and to sign the 'escritura' went off quite smoothly.

Later that day I ordered all the light fittings I wished to have and the shop where I bought them came to install them the very next day. Over the course of the next several days I ordered all the furniture and 'white goods' for the house, together with various items for the bathroom, for delivery and installation when I return to Spain in early February next year for my longer winter stay of roughly three months. In theory most items will be in place in the week following my arrival there then, so that I will require to rent a place to stay temporarily only for two weeks; the extra week of rented accommodation will I hope be a sufficient safety margin to allow me to move comfortably into my own home after having everything properly set up - and as anyone who knows me will testify, I like to ensure that my own personal comfort is meticulously planned-for.

In addition to ordering all the major items, I made several visits to various large stores to kit out the house with items such as bed and bath linen, and various items of crockery, cutlery and glassware, together with other items including smaller electrical equipment, sundry kitchen equipment and various other household items. There is a reasonably wide choice of decent-quality items available; I have tried to avoid some of the cheaper and probably less durable items I have seen in some homes there (including in some of the places I have rented), as I believe this is false economy in the longer term. I am also trying to have furniture and equipment that I find it pleasant to look at - the lack of 'style' of some of the furniture I have seen there (and indeed here in the UK, too) is something I always endeavour to avoid.

In addition I made arrangements for the fitting-out of wardrobes and the enhancement of various security measures for my new house - the latter a necessary precaution, if only for my peace of mind.

Below are some general images of my new property. I am pretty pleased with it and am looking forward to going there again in February, when I shall be crossing from Scotland to Belgium and driving down from Holland over the course of about five days roughly as I did earlier this year:

The outward journey - January 2007
Nairn to Beaune via the Netherlands
Beaune to Valencia - and the sun is shining!
Valencia to Mazarron - and the journey is over

The homeward journey - April 2007
Mazarron to Valencia - an easy journey
Two difficult days of driving from Valencia to Saint-Rambert d'Albon
Bill is back in Nairn for the summer!

Some photographs of my new holiday home
30th October 2007

Sunset from the terrace

Lights installed

Kitchen and living-room lighting

Click here to see larger images.

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