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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I haven't gone away ...

... although I don't blog here very regularly, specially when I'm not actually in Spain; I will be returning to Spain, however, in early February for about three months.

Meantime posting here is more than usually sporadic because I am currently working on a major redesign of the template for this blog; I've got most of the major details worked out and have begun to load up the various link information and will probably be in a position to make it live sometime over the coming weekend, or perhaps a few days after that. I prefer three-column blogs and have over the past several years used such a format in another blog so am basically converting this 'casabill' blog to a similar format, although with a colour-scheme consistent with what already exists here and with that used in my main website ''. The commenting utility will be hosted independent of Blogger, whose utility I do not particularly like in this respect, although as a blogging platform I do like it.

Anyway, enough of this rambling - this is the reason for my seeming absence from this blog; I've actually been working on it quite hard for about a week, just not actually writing new posts.

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