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Monday, 17 December 2007

Vignettes from married life in Spain

A couple of items I noticed in the Spanish press today:

Vignette 1 ...
A woman in Gines, Seville has been gaoled for four months (reduced from an original sentence of 9 months) for breaking Spain's gender violence laws by slapping her husband in front of their two daughters. The couple are in the process of separating and were having an argument about the custoidy of their children.

Vignette 2 ...
A Guardia Civil officer in Cambados (Pontevedra) has shot his wife dead outside the Guardia Civil barracks. The couple, who have been separated for a year, met in the street and he asked her to take him back. An argument ensued, culminating in a single fatal bullet wound to her heas.

Moral of this story - well, there isn't one really I suppose, except that it pays not to anatagonise someone whom you were formerly in love with, specially (in the latter case) if their employment allows them to carry a gun. These two cases illustrate neatly the consequences of what presumably was once love turning into something approaching hate.

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