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Thursday, 24 January 2008

More about my imminent departure for my property in Spain

I wrote a few days ago that I had been putting off making a couple of telephone calls to people supplying things for my new house in Spain (see near the end of the 4th paragraph in the linked posting). Well I just made the two calls a short while ago.

First I tried the curtain shop, where I recalled that the lady speaks a little English, roughly of the same mediocre level as my Spanish. In any case we seemed to be able to understand each other enough, using a mixture of the two languages, and I told her when I epxect to be in Mazarrón and hoped the venetian blinds and roller blind I ordered could be delivered during the following week. I'll visit the shop the day after I arrive to confirm I got there. She seemd to understand and I am pretty sure she said there should be no problem - she is going to check with the main shop in the nearby town of Totana that I am booked in for their installation schedule, but didn't anticipate a problem.

Next up was the bathroom shop, who are supplying the shower screen and various other things for the bathroom (towel rails, etc). The lady there speaks very little English, but she asked me to call instead the person who had visited my house to do the detailed measurements when I was there in October/November last; I had his mobile number so called and with my Spanish and his English am fairly confident I got my message across; he said he would pass on the details to the lady in the shop. As with the other shop, I'll visit soon after my arrival to firm up the precise date for their visit to the house to install things.

All in all I'm reasonably happy with how things went.

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