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Friday, 18 January 2008

More arrests in Los Alcázares corruption scandal

It's hard to keep up with the spped of what is going on in Los Alcázares and Murcia generally at present (specially when you're trying to follow it, as I am, from the north of Scotland)! After my post yesterday about 6 people having been arrested, including the former Mayor, now it seems that 20 more have been taken in for questionning in what is being called "Operation Ninette". Amongst those arrested was advisor to the town of Los Alcázares, Alfredo Blanco. Initial estimates are that the amounts involved in these defalcations may be around €80mio. It seems that several of the supects possess assets of high value and it is speculated that some may be the proceeds of laundered (i.e. stolen) public money.

No doubt the investigations will continue and who knows, perhaps there will be more revelations in coming days.

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