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Monday, 14 January 2008

Six years the going rate for murder in Spain ...

... specially if you have been drinking heavily before carrying out the foul deed. And in this case the deed was very foul indeed!

The crime involved a house occupied by six housemates in Alcalá de Henares, northeast of Madrid, probably all of East European origin - the linked article is not explicit about this except to include the details that the perpetrator is Polish man Roman Stanislaw Szalachowski and his victim was an Ukrainian named Mykola Stelmakh. The motive for the crime? Apparently it was because the victim would not help with the household chores.

The method of killing was very brutal and the method of disposing of the body was gruesome. However what strikes me particularly about this case, and shocks me, is that the judge ruled that 'his intoxicated state was an extenuating circumstance':

"His intellectual and volitional faculties were seriously impaired due to the previous consumption of alcoholic beverages."

It sure makes you think!

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