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Sunday, 10 February 2008

'At Home' in my new holiday home in Spain

As I indicated in my previous entry (on Wednesday) I was able to move into my new holiday home on Thursday afternoon, the hob, oven and cooker hood having been successfully installed on Wednesday evening. I'm still waiting for certain items of furniture, principally wall units for the living-room and the proper bed-frames for the second bedroom; both furniture shops have put in temporary stuff to make the place more liveable whilst I wait. A few other items like the venetian blinds for the second bedroom (which were damaged when they came out of the box for installation so had to be taken back and a new set ordered - it will take about two weeks to come) and a roller blind for a window in the living-room which will probably be installed tomorrow.

Now that I've had three nights here I'm beginning to get used to using the various new things - all houses are different and it always take me a few days to 'acclimatise' to new surroundings. However because the furntiture and equipment in this house (just like in my apartment in the UK) have been chosen by me for my convenience this process hasn't been very onerous. An improvement since yesterday is that I travelled up to a huge shopping centre in Murcia (maybe 40 minutes from here in the car) and bought a few bedside table lamps, two for my room and one for the second bedroom. Although the central ceiling lights in the bedrooms can be controlled by switches just above the head-boards it's not terribly friendly to have to read in bed from these lights and the light is a bit harsh late at night, so having bedside lamps gives the bedrooms a much more cosy feeling.

I'll probably go down to the other (rented) house later today to pick up some laundry to put through the machine and use the clothes-lines there until my own are put up in a couple of weeks. Apart from that I don't plan to do very much today - I'll probably go for a longish walk shortly, until it's time to have lunch. Tomorrow, apart from the roller-blind I referred to above being delivered and installed, I'm also expecting delivery of patio furniture for the front terrace (a table, 4 chairs and a parasol) and for the rear patio (a small mosaic tile bistro-style table and two chairs) and the man who came yesterday to fit fly-screens to the three main windows to return to take measurements and give me prices for various other work I may well get him to do (some kind of awning or enclosure for part of the rear patio and tiling of most of the external garden ground).

It's a little cooler here today (about 14 to 16degC) than for the past few days, but the sun is still pretty bright through patchy cloud, so I'm off for my walk.

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