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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Bank robbery in Mazarrón!

Or to be strictly accurate at the Camposol urbanisation just outside Mazarrón and just a few kilometres up the road from where I am.

My Spanish bank account is, it so happens with the bank branch which was robbed and the robbery must have taken place on Monday night as I had been into the bank on Monday to withdraw some cash and had arranged to return on Tuesday to collect some more. However, when I arrived at the bank yesterday morning it was closed and one of the large plate-glass windows had been smashed in; repairs to that were already getting underway. I went back again today and although the branch has re-opened it has no cash other than what is in the automated cash machine and the withdrawal limit on that is less than I require. Apparently the thieves stole all the cash and the branch won't be re-stocked with significant cash until sometime next week when the damages have been repaired (the plate-glass window has already been replaced, but there is other significant damage inside the branch and workmen were hard at work this morning on that). There was also a security guard checking everyone who entered, something which is not usually the case, but understandable after the branch has just been ransacked and robbed.

PS/ I just had broadband internet installed in my new Spanish house this morning so I am no longer out of internet/Skype touch, as I have been since arriving here on Sunday. A lot of the furniture is already delivered and installed, but a few items remain, the most critical of which are a hob and oven for cooking. The hob which came a few days ago did not fit, so another model has been ordered and, in theory, should be delivered this evening. Assuming this happens, then I shall probably move in tomorrow or Friday; I have the rented house for another week and a half so there is no particular hurry, other than my impatience - balanced by a determination not to have to 'camp out' in a partially-furnished house, specially when there is another rented house available to me just a few minutes away.

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