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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Developments in the town-hall corruption cases in Murcia region

I haven't been writing much about local news here in the past couple of weeks as I have been too busy moving into my house and getting it organised. However, this morning I have begun again to look at some of the local news and came across developments in the corruption cases affecting various of the cities in Murcia.

The Mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo, has now been released on €70,000- bail and is back at work, whereas an ex-councillor in Alcázares, Alfredo Blanco, has been in court for three hours of questionning although has apparently had no preventative measures taken against him.

In other developments, the Mayor of Fuente Álamo, María Antonio Conesa, denied at a press conference the charges of which she is accused (bribery and influence peddling) by the Murcia High Court of Justice, whilst the Mayor of Torre Pacheco, David García Madrid, also told the media on Tuesday that there had been no developments since the partial lifting of secrecy by the judge last week, asking for 'patience, respect and that justice be done'.

I expect it will be, in due course. No doubt after the national elections next month things will calm down and progress will be made.

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