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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Just to let you know - I've not gone away ...

I have been most remiss in not posting any new entries here since 18th February. In my defence I had guests staying with me here (my first in this house) from 20th to 25th February, during which we were all extremely busy, partly on things to do with the house and partly on general 'touristy' activities with my guests (my brother and sister-in-law). It was great to see them here, of course, and they had a good time although the politest thing I can say about the weather here during their stay is that it was 'changeable'; there were a couple of good days, but also a couple of 'stinkers', weatherwise.

Since they left I have continued to be quite busy on various things to do with the house, although over the weekend I've sort of 'kicked back' as the weather has been really lovely for about the past four or five days - quite sunny and warm in the day-time, although it still gets quite cool at night.

On Friday I did a test-trip up to San Javier as I have to go there on Tuesday for an appointment with the lawyer to do with the title deeds for the house and to discuss tax matters; in the past I've always visited them at their office in Torrevieja, but since then they have opened another office in San Javier which I had never visited before.

Last week I got a planning application lodged with the town hall for a sort of conservatory I want to have constructed to roof over a part of the rear patio - once that is approved I am told it could be installed within two or three weeks. In the past couple of weeks I've also had an outside tap fitted in the garden, as well as a water filtration system - hopefully the latter will reduce the scaling which would otherwise affect things like the water heater, washing machine and dish-washer, as well as scaling-up the kettle. We'll see how that works out in due course, I suppose.

The outside tap will be necessary as I am planning to have an irrigation system installed as part of the external landscaping I'm planning to have done at the front and side of the house. A planning application for that went in when I was here in October last year to take over the house formally (i.e. visit the notary with my solicitor and pay the final installment of the purchase price to the builder's representative in front of the notary). Most of the ground is going to be tiled (and paved at the driveway part), but there will be two quite large areas for plants at the front corner and the side, hence the need for irrigation; these will be finished off with a weed-inhibiting layer and covered with either a gravel or cinder layer.

All the furniture has now been delivered, except for a few items for the living-room which had to be changed when the factory making what I originally ordered went out of business at the end of last year. I'm hoping to have the remaining items (wall units, a television table unit, a coffe table and a nest of tables) in the next couple of weeks; meantime the furniture shop is letting me use some items from their showroom temporarily.

Both yesterday and today I spent a part of the afternoon sitting out on the front patio reading - as I can't take much exposure to bright sun I made sure I was sitting under the patio umbrella. However, today I also went down to a quiet beach I know and sat reading for an hour - very relaxing and peaceful.

I'm going to upload this blog entry pretty quickly as we've had a few power cuts this evening, although none in the past couple of hours - as long as we get through the next hour (it's now 11.15pm) I'll be safely in bed so won't care much if there are further power cuts during the night.

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