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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

PC problems - Vista-based, of course!

Vista is supposed to be the most super-duper version of Microsoft operating software to date. My experience of it, since I got my most recent laptop in May last year, is that the only exceptional thing about it is how remarkably awful, and unreliable, is this sad excuse for an operating system!

I've written a couple of entries in my other blog yesterday and today (Sunday and Monday) cataloging the latest foul-ups I've experienced with Vista, an operating system I've come to know and loathe. My other laptop, alas back in Scotland, uses the pretty reliable XP. Maybe one day (soon?) Microsoft will get Vista to work reliably, but whether I will still be a Windows user then (I may switch to Apple in desperation) is now open to serious doubt. My posts in the other blog:
- PC problems again -Oh! my Lordie, Vista!!
(posted on Sunday 09MAR08 at 13.25 RST)
- More PC problems today, but I'm cautiously optimistic ... ... foolish person that I am!
(posted on Monday night/Tuesday morning 10/11MAR08 at 00.51 RST)

Apart from that, everything is going pretty well with my house in Spain and related matters. More when I get a moment and a few hours sleep.

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