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Friday, 21 March 2008

Progress on my house in Spain and other matters

The good news is that I took delivery last Friday of the final items of furniture for the living-room; the temporary furniture the furniture shop had kindly let me use has been taken away and replaced with what I ordered - it is altogether much more satisfactory and makes much better use of the space available and is just as attractive as I had envisaged. Similarly, work began last Thursday on the landscaping at the front and side of my house here - it'll be a few more weeks before it's all done (and as this week includes several public holidays in Spain because of Easter it will be delayed somewhat), but already it is taking shape and the work done so far makes me think it's going to be successful. In fact they were here yesterday and managed to get the reinforced concrete down on the driveway area; last Friday the reinforced concrete was put down on the area at the side of the house behind the driveway and now that both these areas have been done the large oblong planting area there has been defined; it is going to be built up with a low wall to surround it and faced with tiles.

Today I think they are going to be putting down most of the reinforced concrete at the front of the house and will form the large triangular planting area which will again be built up with a low wall faced with tiles; they'll also be putting in the irrigation pipes to both planting areas. Next week they will start on laying the driveway heavy concrete tiling and the tiles over all the areas not reserved for planting - I'm using the same tiles as are currently on the front and rear patios so it should all look quite uniform.

The weather for the past week has been very good here - daytime maximum temperatures of 22 to 25 degC, with night-time temperatures of 11 to 13 degC and mostly pretty bright sunshine during the day. Yesterday, however, broke the cycle and it was overcast with cloud (a little weak sunshine through cloud in mid-morning, though) and some rain in the afternoon and early evening - not really enough rainfall to take a reading though. It was a lot cooler, too, with a maximum daytime temperature of just over 17 degC. Today it started off quite cloudy and overcast, but already the sun is coming through quite brightly and no rain is forecast here for today - so I've got washing hanging out on the back patio!

A nephew and his wife are currently over in Spain (from Scotland) at their place in Torrevieja and they came down here on Wednesday for lunch, which we had at a restaurant at the marina at Puerto de Mazarron; I hadn't eaten there before and it was actually very good, and very good value - we sat at a table on the covered terrace overlooking the marina - perfect! Today I am going up to Torrevieja to see their place and to have lunch - they tell me they have a favourite down by the La Mata so perhaps we'll go there.

Most shops etc here were closed on Wednesday and will be closed again today for Easter - I would otherwise go up to Aledo to visit the Monastery near there, but perhaps one of the busiest religious weekends in the year isn't the time to take myself up there for lunch! I'll content myself with going up some after Easter.

PS/ My PC Vista problems continue - I did however have my machine 'diagnosed' over the past couple of days by a software engineer and he seems to have identified the root of the problem - I wrote about that here. I haven't yet decided what longer-term action I'll take (see linked post in the other blog), but will leave that until I return to Scotland in May.

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