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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Some photos of the tile- and drive-laying in progress

Over the past week a lot of the basic work has been done for laying the patio areas at the side and front of the house and laying the drive-way for off-street car-parking. They are just about to start on creating the low retaining walls for the two planting areas at the side of the house and in the corner at the front.

The following five photographs show various stages of the work from 14th March until yesterday:

Casabill - drive and patios
14 - 26 March 2008

Reinforced concrete base under side patio

Initial tiling on side patio

Tiling over reinforced base at front

Alignment of tiling with drive-way paving

Drive-way paving nearing completion

There are currently no enlarged photographs available
to view - I hope to amend this in due course.
(My PC problems make amending and uploading
web-pages longwinded and complicated at present.)

The retaining walls around the walled planting areas will be faced with the same tiling used on the patios and capped with the same kind of marble which surrounds the existing patio - I'll get a few more photographs of progress on this after the weekend (the marble will take a few days to be delivered, I understand).

The weather here over the past three days has been pleasantly warm - it was a positively balmy 25 degC yesterday afternoon and stayed warm well into the evening. Although today is quite bright and sunny, a wind started last night and continues now, giving the whole day a much cooler feeling although my temperature reading show it is still almost 21 degC as I type this, although it does not really feel like it with the wind!

Now it is nearly lunch-time, so I'll stop here.

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