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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Hard landscaping at 'Casabill' now complete

Further to my post last week about progress on the landscaping work I'm currently having done, I'm pleased to say that all the hard landscaping is now done. There remain some details to take care of:
- adjusting one of the gates slightly as it does not open entirely freely as a result of a slight raising in the level of the patio immediately behind it;
- repointing and painting below the steps into both small and large gates, necessary because the tiles/paving slabs already there had to be replaced during the landscaping.

Of course there remains the planting of the new planting areas to be done and some details with connecting up the irrigation system to the water supply to be sorted out. However I'm very pleased with what has been done - washing down the tiled areas shows that the water flows in the correct direction and is unlikely to result in water lying for any length of time, far less flooding; it doesn't rain very much here, but when it does it can be very heavy, so it is always wise to build with this in mind; the tiles are going to be treated with a product to remove the residual film of grouting, hopefully tomorrow, and then it will look as smart when dry as it already does when wet. Other good news is that the garden shed I ordered yesterday was delivered today; its main purpose will be to hold patio furniture when I'm not here, plus some other items.

A couple of photos are below and these show the side and front; the planting area at the side has already been filled up with top-soil and some has been added to the one at the front, but some more is needed there:

Side area showing planting area
and garden shed (2nd April 2008)
- Click on the image to see an enlargement -

Front area showing planting area
- more soil is required here.
The main irrigation feed is lying over the wall until
the soil is added (2nd April 2008)
- Click on the image to see an enlargement -

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