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Thursday, 10 April 2008

The nuances of saying 'Lo Siento' (I'm Sorry) ...

... and before I go any further I'm sorry that my posting here of late has been so sparse; events, dear boy, events. Good events, though, I'm pleased to say!

Anyway, there is an excellent post today on Voices en Espanol which goes into some detail on the different ways of saying "I'm Sorry" in Spanish and the appropriateness of different ways of saying it, depending on the circumstances. Basically 'Lo Siento' should be reserved for rather more serious events, whereas there are various other terms which are more suitable for everyday small occurrences where an apology or an 'excuse me' is appropriate. Learning to distinguish the appropriate words to use to match the circumstances is important in any language - the post linked to seems a useful addition to the lexicon.

And to round this off, here's a music video about some of the more, ahem, 'emotional' uses of Lo Siento:

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