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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The politics of water shortages in Spain brutally illustrated

Spain is short of water, that's unfortunately not news and it's a situation that has been worsening for some years and, if you believe the direr predictions about the likely effects of the potential effects of projected changes in global climate that may occur in the next fifty years, for example, we ain't seen nuthin yet!

Situations like this always highlight underlying regional tensions and the intrusion of raw politics into how these are dealt with. And so it is that Catalonia and Barcelona, chronically short of water, will get additional supplies transferred in as a result of a vital new aqueduct (or imported by by ship); the area is of course a highly-developed and important component of the Spanish economy. It is also a stronghold of the governing Socialist Party of Prime Minister (President of the Government) Zapatero. This despite official government policy being to frown on such regional water transfers

Murcia on the other hand, just as chronically short of water, but not quite so important historically in the national economy and generally more a Popular Party (i.e the the Opposition) suppporting area, will not.

Expect these regional rivalries to become much more extreme in coming years and decades if the predicted continuation and worsening of the water shortages in Spain is what happens.

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