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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Things that can go wrong when you buy off-plan in Spain

The Spanish property market, indeed the whole Spanish economy, is in something of a mess at present, partly reflecting what is going on elsewhere in the world-wide economy, but unfortunately partly due also to some of the political infighting in different parts of Spain between the two main political parties. Luckily my own little property was completed on time and is reasonably satisfactory, even if some of the anciliary infrastructure (a golf course and a small shopping area) has not so far materialised, not to mention that my property remains on builders' supply for both water and electricity, with the room for uncertainty that this implies.

However, these problems are as nothing compared to the traumas being experienced at another development in Murcia. There is a very smart website for Trampolin Hills, but beneath the surface all is quite clearly not well:
Trampolín Hills pedirá al Ayuntamiento y a la Comunidad cuantiosas indemnizaciones;
A 'bulletin board' for Trampolin Hills purchasers;
Expats Anxious At Trampolín Hills, Spain.

There but for the Grace ...

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