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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Child pornography arrests in Spain

A further 14 people have been arrested in Spain on charges of corruption of minors and of child pornography, one of whom is a resident of Murcia. The arrests are part of 'Operation Diana'. Investigations continue into 20 additional suspects.

Whilst the operation is being managed by the Civil Guard in Córdoba, the investigation currently involves 21 provincial Civil Guard forces with more than 150 officers being assigned to it.

It never ceases to amaze me that those addicted to this sick form of behaviour continue to use the internet for their perversion; nothing is really 'secret' forever on the internet. I expect that, given the probably addictive nature of child pormography and corruption of minors, there are many other cases for the police to uncover; it is undoubtedly only a matter of time until the next batch of delinquents is exposed, arrested and punished. The individuals involved may need help, but more importantly their activities need to be halted.

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