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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Mazarrón council introduces new beach regulations

The council of the municipality of Mazarrón has introduced new beach regulations which will prohibit walking animals (i.e. dogs), setting bonfires, lighting barbecues on beaches or fishing from beaches, with fines ranging from €750- to €3,000- for infractions. The aim is to improve the experiences of bathers and holiday-makers.

There are a number of other classes of activity that are similarly controlled by the new ordinance, published recently in the Official Journal of the Murcia Region (Boletín Oficial de la Región de Murcia [BORM]) and in force since 7 March 2008, such as the stationing of camper-vans, wind-surf boards, skating, etc. It covers all beaches and bays in the municipality, of which there are 33 over a distance of 35 kilometres.

As with all such regulations, policing and enforcement will be crucial, as will educating residents and visitors about the new rules and the necessity for them. For example, where I live in Scotland, dogs are prohibited from the main beaches between May and September with stiff fines for those who flout the rules; similar stiff fines exist for those who permit their dogs to foul pathways near the beach, or the extensive grassed areas nearby - however, I have never heard of anyone actually being fined, because enforcement is decidedly patchy. Perhaps it will be different in Mazarrón?

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