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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Something a landlord really shouldn't do!

No matter how many distasteful things one comes across, there are always - human nature being what it is - new things that come to light which make one wonder what makes some people tick. The latest I have come across (admittedly nothing like so horrendous as the recent revelation from Austria about a man keeping his daughter in a cellar for decades and fathering 7 children by her) gets a mention here only because it happened in Spain.

A landlord in Castellón has been arrested because he was snooping on a female lodger. The 58 year old had concealed a camera in an electric socket on the wall of the woman's room and images were being transmitted live to a television screen in the living-room of the house. English-language link here.

Mind you it's no more bizarre than a story I came across today in another Spanish-based blog (in English) about a man who persists in masturbating in public, in the nude, and whom Leftbanker (based in Valencia) has had the misfortune to come across for some months when he has observed the pervert lurking near beach cycle paths 'going at it' - previous threats to take his picture scared him off for a considerable period, but this last time Leftbanker was able to snap some photographs, one of which he has published - hopefully this will scare this person out of his perversion for a while, at least, although I doubt he will behave properly for the indefinite future; the man quite obviously needs treatment of some kind.

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