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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Website outages and 'The Planet' fire in Houston

Internet users may have noticed that since last Saturday a wide variety of websites and facilities have been unavailable, the result of a fire at 'The Planet' data server centre in Houston, Texas.

So far as this blog is concerned this affected 'StatCounter', as its name suggests a service I use to track visitors to this site; 'StatCounter' seems now (since Monday or Tuesday) to be back to normal. Also affected, however is WeatherPixie - Wikipedia article here. This is a very clever utility that allows quite comprehensive weather data in a very attractive graphical form to be embedded into websites and blogs.

'The Planet' is itself providing updates on progress to restore fully their services here (message from the CEO here - this is a .wav sound file). The CEO advises that full restoration of all services is not expected to occur until the weekend of 13/14 June, by which time they hope to have received all the replacement equipment they require and to have made significant progress on restoring their data centre. Hopefully the WeatherPixie utility will be restored by then; I had been considering removing the code from the blog page until this happen, but as it does not seem to be resulting in slower page-loads than usual I am not going to bother doing this, but will reassess the situation in a couple of week's time if the service is not restored by then.

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