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Thursday, 10 July 2008

109 years old! A life lived well in Yecla

Francisca Disla Pascual
'la Paca'
16 Janaury 1899 - 9 July 2008
- Rest in Peace -

I came across this story in here, to mark the death at the ripe old age of 109 years of Francisca Disla Pascual, a resident of Yecla in the far north-east of Murcia region.

Apparently she retained a prodigious memory and had enormous strength despite her small stature and slight build, although she had been blind for many years and deaf latterly, having spent her earlier life labouring as a field-worker. She did not have children of her own, but her nephews say she had the reputation of being everybody's mother when they were young, resulting in her receiving continuing visits and letters to the end of her days. The funeral service of the 'grandmother of the Region', affectionately known as 'la Paca', is being held today.

Let's hope that some of the rest of us will have such long fulfilling lives as this lady has had.

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