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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wednesday market day at Mazarron Country Club

As an experiment traders are setting up stalls at Mazarron Country Club (MCC) on Wednesday mornings to sell local produce and other items. I believe last Wednesday was the first week, but because it was not given much advance notice was perhaps poorly-attended. However, the traders have returned today and were selling items such as chickens, vegetables and fruit, plus various non-food items such as jewellery and bags. Pat Gassner, who is webmaster of the MCC Community of Owners website, has kindly posted some photographs of the morning's activities here.
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There has been speculation on the MCC Additional Residents' Bulletin Board recently that there is unlikely ever to be the promised shopping complex at MCC, because the numbers of permanent residents would make it unviable, but it is great that a market has been started. I hope enough people use it to make it worthwhile for the stall-holders to come back every week. Although I am not there all the time, I shall certainly try and make use of it on my next visit, scheduled for August-September this year - let's hope it is still operating then. It will certainly be much nicer to be able to do at least some shopping on-site, rather than always having to drive to Mazarron, Puerto de Mazarron or up the road to Camposol.

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