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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Foreign resident suffers armed attack in his remote home in Murcia

A German national has been attacked last night at gunpoint in his home at Puerto de las Crucecicas where many foreigners live, particularly Germans and British in isolated homes. A call was received at the emergency coordination centre at 3.10am from the emergency department of the Águilas health centre. It seems that three robbers (thought to be Moroccan citizens) entered the man's home and attacked him in his bedroom. During the struggle which followed the householder received two bullet wounds, one in the neck and the other in his right shoulder. The man's sister was able to tell the Civil Guard what had happened, also that the car appeared to have been stolen.

The victim has been taken to the Rafael Méndez hospital in Lorca and the case has been passed to the public prosecutor in the same city.

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