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Thursday, 28 August 2008

'Health and Safety' to be promoted in Mazarrón

The Department of Employment and Training at Mazarrón Council is to run 50-hour courses during October, available to those currently in or out of employment, to train men and women so that they can then occupy jobs in the private and public sectors in fields related to workplace and industrial safety.

Obviously there is a place for 'Health and Safety' as a way of protecting both employees and the public from unscrupulous or unwise practices, as a result of greed, ignorance or carelessness and I therefore wish those who attend these courses well. However, and there has to be a 'however', I hope 'Health and Safety' doesn't become a mantra to stifle entrepreneurial flair and business intitiative, not to mention simple freedom, in the way it sometimes seems to have done in other western countries such as the UK where, once the 'elfan safety' people get their claws in, all sorts of ridiculous barriers are placed in the way of people doing mostly perfectly sensible things. Not that I am biased or anything ...

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