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Friday, 15 August 2008

Ryanair trying to stop web portals selling its flights

Apparently some people (again apparently in Spain, perhaps amongst other locations) buy their flights through web portals which by-pass Ryanair's own website and, Ryanair aleges, seem to charge upto 200 per cent more for the flight than the airline itself. Perhaps this does go on, but I'm not sure why the ultimate user (the passenger) should wish to do this. I expect some passengers do not have an internet connection, or a friend who can make the booking online for them, or indeed have an internet cafe nearby that they could use themselves (or the confidence to do so), so perhaps go to a travel agent to do it for them and that agent undoubtedly charges.

Briefly, Ryanair wishes to stop this practice and is refusing, from 25th August, to honour bookings not made through its website, citing breach of copyright; I can certainly understand Ryanair's irritation if other companies are 'passing off' their own websites as having some kind of special link with Ryanair's own website. The affected travel agents say they will try and take legal action against Ryanair, perhaps through the European Commission, when the first ticket cancellations take effect and in any case themselves state that their prices are sometimes better than Ryanair itself offers.

There is obviously something very strange going on here, but my personal advice would be to make sure any Ryanair flight you book is made through its own website; I have always found both its website and that of major rival easyJet pretty easy to to use.

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