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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Detailed aerial mapping of Murcia region to be available to all

The Murcian counsellor for sustainable development and regional planning, Benito Mercader, has proposed that any citizen should be able to have access for free to all internet mapping of the Murcian region with a resolution of upto 25 centimetres and to be able to compare these images with aerial images taken upto 50 years ago. The data is to be available on the web at . Apart from being of general interest, the new facility will permit the authorities to identify illegal buildings, including the identification of all cooing towers in the region with the aim of preventing alleged cases of legionella. It is proposed that the images be updated every two years and the only area that will be 'off-limits' for publicly-viewable imaging is the submarine base at Cartagena. The regular images of most parts of the regioon currently available for free at Google Earth are of a considerably lower resolution than what is planned

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