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Friday, 26 September 2008

Holding article - MCC AGM 26SEP08

(Please see inportant UPDATES at end)

I just returned home less than an hour ago after a MARATHON day attending the AGM of the Community of Owners of Mazarron Country Club today. The meeting finally got underway at 10.25 this morning, when all the 'stragglers' had got themselves seated, and was closed at 15.45 in the afternoon, after a 'lively' and some might call it 'gruelling' 5 hours and 20 minutes. I finally left the meeting venue myself at around 16.30 and after a slow drive back into Puerto de Mazarrón and a little light window-shopping and 'retail therapy' as a way of clearing my mind am now back home and catching-up with 'life'.

I have written very extensive notes on what happened today, but it is going to take me some time to organise them into something more or less coherent. It is highly-unlikely I will put online any of this material until at least tomorrow, but I have already more or less decided that I am going to split my reporting of this morning's events into several parts as it is more complicated to edit and finalise extremely long articles, as well as being unwieldy for me to write and, very probably, for anyone triyng to read what I write, too. The various parts will however be 'chronological' in nature, dealing with chunks of the day's proceedings one after the other as we progressed (if that's quite the right word!) through the meeting Agenda. I will add links at the end of this short 'holding' article as I write and put online the various parts of the meeting notes, but I do not plan to start doing any of the actual writing-up of the notes until tomorrow morning because I want to relax this evening (and clear my mind/organise my thoughts); I will try and get as much as I can online by tomorrow (Saturday), but I will not do any more on Sunday so if it is not completed tomorrow it will be Tuesday before I continue with the rest, because I shall be travelling home to Scotland from very early on Monday morning and won't get there until mid-afternoon and I need my final day here (Sunday) to close up the house in preparation for my departure. Finally, on Monday evening I will be attending a wine tasting back in Scotland and that, I'm afraid, takes precedence; it is the first tasting of our winter season and curiously enough the topic this time is the 'Wines of Southern Spain'.

As with the earlier article I wrote about Sandra's public meeting on 19SEP08, I will be doing my best to remain as impartial as possible and not allowing whatever my own views are to become apparent; I apologise in advance for any errors I may commit in what I write and shall be extremely happy to receive comments to allow me to correct such inadvertant errors.

UPDATE: (Saturday 27SEP08 17.00 RST) Instead of posting online notes in several, probably 4 or 5, separate articles I am now compiling my notes of yesterday's AGM in a text document which will be finalised as a .PDF document. When this is ready, probably in the second half of the coming week, I will advise how you may access these notes in another blog article. This will probably be by individual email application to which I will respond by email, attaching the .PDF file for you to download onto your own PC. The reason for this change is that upon reflection I have decided that placing my detailed notes online in this blog is possibly not wise, because they will contain considerable detail about the internal operation of MCC which is probably best restricted to bona fide owners of property here at MCC and not made available to anyone who happens upon my blog as a result of an internet search, but who may have no personal connection with MCC.

2nd UPDATE: (Wednesday 1OCT08 22.15 BST) I have posted a further 'progress report' here. I anticipate finalising my notes by the end of tomorrow morning and the way I shall be distributing the notes and where they will probably be avaialble in due course is explained in that article.

3rd UPDATE: My notes have now been finalised and sent off to Pat Gassner for possible inclusion in the 'members only' area of the CoO website; I've written a brief article about this here.

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