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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Location of Mazarron Country Club and how to get there

Mazarron Country Club (MCC) is located in the Murcia Region of Spain, near Jt. 20 of the Mazarron/Totana motorway RM-3, which runs for part of its route alongside the old MU-603 regional route. MCC can also be entered from the other side, using the minor road E-19 which runs from Mazarrón to La Pinilla. Within my main website ( there are detailed instructions on how to get to and from MCC from the three airports in the vicinity - Murcia/SanJavier(MJV) , Alicante(ALC) and Almería(LEI) in the Location section.

I have now completely re-organised this section so it is easier to find the route you need, based on which airport you will be arriving at, as well as carrying out numerous revisions to take account of the recently-opened 'mini-network' of regional motorways in the area. I have also added an alternative route from Murcia/SanJavier(MJV) so there are now two suggested routes, the first and slightly quicker route uses the AP7 Toll motorway extension from Cartagena to Mazarrón and on to Vera - this should take roughly 45 minutes. The alternative route uses a Toll-free route and this takes around 55 minutes, in other words only about 10 minutes more than the Toll road.

NB/ All the estimated journey times shown in my main website's Location page are based on a strict observance of all speed limits, but making maximum use of the permitted speed limits. All the suggested routes use motorway-standard highways for almost the whole of the journeys.

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