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Monday, 15 September 2008

The management and operation of Mazarron Country Club

(Please note that this article has been amended since first written to include a link to the website of Sandra Newman, one of the two candidates for President of the Community of Owners of Mazarron Country Club so far declared. I have also added a dedicated blogroll near the top of the left colum titled: 'MCC - electioon websites')

The major upcoming event for Mazarron Country Club is the Annual General Meeting to be held on the morning of Friday 26th September 2008 at the Playa Grande Hotel in Puerto de Mazarrón; as I mentioned here a few weeks back, I have decided to return to MCC shortly to permit me to attend the AGM, particularly as this is the first occasion since I acquired my property there that I have the opportunity to do so as a member.

There has over the past several months been sometimes feverish online debate at the Mazarron Country Club Additional Residents Group bulletin board about the way forward. The Mazarron Country Club Community of Owners website is of course the 'official' website of MCC and, whilst it does increasingly contain useful information, including sporadic newsletters, it is less 'active' and somewhat 'remote' - at least this is my impression (* - see 'Summary' at end).(NB/ Both of these websites have changed their URLs and in the case of the former has been discontinued and replaced. To obtain access to the replacement bulletin board, please visit my own website here for guidance about this. The official website of the Community of Owners may now be found here.)

So far as the upcoming AGM is concerned there are so far two declared candidates for election as President of the Community of Owners of Mazarron Country Club, one directly declared, the other so far only by 'proxy':

Mr Frank van Son - he is the current President and has declared his intention to stand for re-election. He has his own website here, where his platform is being set out gradually.

Ms Sandra Newman - she is apparently a candidate for election as President; I did see when I was last at MCC (during August 2008) small posters with her photograph in which she stated her intention to stand; I do not have a copy to hand, nor have I been able to trace it online (where I originally saw it, but did not download it at the time unfortunately); courtesy of commenter Peter, I am now able to add a link to her website here. Her intention to stand for election has been re-stated on several occasions in the bulletin board mentioned above by people who know her. She is to hold a pre-AGM election meeting at 3pm on Friday 19th September 2008 outside the MCC restaurant to discuss her candidacy; I hope to be there.

Three other individuals have also announced their intentions to stand individually and collectively under the nomencalture of "The Forum 4 Facts" - their platform is being set out gradually in a bulletin board here; the three individuals behind this initiative are: Barry Smith (standing as 'Operations Director'), John Burton (standing as 'Communications Director') and Tom Franken (standing as 'Finance Director'). They are seeking a fourth person to take on the role of 'Utilities Director'. I do not know enough about the Horizontal Property Law (HPL), the Spanish legislation which governs the operations of residential entities such as MCC, to know how these proposals fit in with the statutory role of 'President' within the MCC (* -see 'Summary' at end). During the time I was at MCC during August, the "The Forum 4 Facts" issued three 'fliers' critical of the current President; there may be more which have been published since I left just over a week ago of which I am not aware. However, in its bulletin board "The Forum 4 Facts Read Answers" section, the three named individuals state their support for Ms Sandra Newman as President.

* Summary: The purpose of this article is to try and group together all relevant information and website links so far available; I have kept the tone of this artticle completely neutral and not added any comment of my own, except tangentially. Possibly I will post another article before the AGM in which I discuss my own thoughts.

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