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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

MCC - AGM 26SEP08 - an update

Since I wrote about Sandra Newman's public meeting last Friday there have been a number of developments relative to the upcoming AGM this Friday; most of these have been detailed in the various bulletin boards and websites with which many readers will be familiar. In case you are not I have grouped many of the most useful MCC-related websites of which I am aware near the top of the left column under two sub-headings:
MCC - election websites
MCC - general websites

One of the major developments, announced only early today, was that three people who had been proposing themselves for the role of Directors/Vice-Presidents have announced they will no longer be putting themselves forward for election; this has resulted in the link to The Forum 4 Facts being moved from the first to the second sub-heading above near the top of the left column; the front page of the 'Forum 4 Facts' now contains a statement from the three explaining their decision.

Mr Frank van Son's website (link under first sub-heading above in the left column) now shows the names of the four persons he proposes become Vice-Presidents if he is [re-]elected as President on Friday. He has also reproduced, as requested, an exchange of emails with the three 'Forum4Facts' Vice-Presidential candidates who have now withdrawn their candidacies.

Mrs Sandra Newman's website (link under first sub-heading above in the left column) now contains her Presidential campaign statement in English, German and Spanish.

I have never before been into the Playa Grande Hotel, where the meeting will be held on Friday morning; I will have to tie a knot in my 'mental handkerchief' to ensure I get up sufficiently early on Friday morning to allow me to get there in time to find a reasonably convenient spot to park the car! I'm afraid I'm not usually an early-riser. My personal hope is that the meeting, whilst I expect it will be 'lively', can remain civil in respect of all those who are present, whatever points of view they may hold.

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