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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Further update - my notes of MCC AGM 26SEP08

It has now been intimated to me that the notes I have prepared of the MCC AGM on 26SEP08 (which I advised were finalised here) will not appear on the CoO website in the 'members area' in the immediate future and when they might appear there is not known to me.

Please note that I will not be sending out copies of my notes to anyone who asks me for them by direct email, unless I happen to know them personally or am otherwise in a position to verify that they are property owners at MCC.

However, it has been further intimated to me that if the CoO webmaster receives any queries requesting the notes she will, presumably after verifying that the persons making the requests are owners at MCC, pass these requests on to me for me to send them copies myself (the CoO webmaster may be contacted throught the website here, where her contact email address is listed as - the CoO website formats best in my experience when viewed in IE, by the way).

Since sending out copies to a few selected individuals known to me, for information and for checking, I have been able to correct a number of small errors in the text and prepare a revised version which of course may be subject to further revision if other details are found to have been inadvertently mis-stated.

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