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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My notes of MCC AGM 26SEP08 - a progress report

(Please see UPDATE at end)

Further to my earlier 'holding' article here, I am pleased to say I have now input all of my notes taken at the AGM last Friday. So far I have proof-read and corrected the first roughly four hours of the meeting in my master file. I have done a proof-read of the final 90 or so minutes of the meeting, too, but as I am becoming tired (it is nearly 10pm) I will be doing the corrections of that section in the master file tomorrow morning. Then I shall print the whole document out again (it is 12 and a half A4 pages of 10-point Times New Roman print!) and do a final proof-read and any final corrections before saving it as a .PDF document. Then I shall be sending it off to Pat Gassner for possible inclusion in the 'members only' section of the Community of Owners website. I will also be sending it to selected people I know personally as an email attachment; I have decided not to distribute it to anyone else by email if I have not met them personally.

Presumably anyone else who wishes to have these notes, and whose community charges are up to date, can obtain access to the Community of Owners website 'members only' section and will be able to get it from there it they wish in due course (and I will post a brief article here in my blog once I become aware that it is available there). I have come to the conclusion that this is the best and most sensible way to deal with these notes, rather than to make them openly visible either in this blog or to anyone who asks for them by email, even if I don't know them personally, as it seems clear that they should be seen only by those who genuinely have a conneection with MCC and I am not in a position definitively to establish this in the case of people I do not know personally.

UPDATE: My notes have now been finalised and sent off to Pat Gassner for possible inclusion in the 'members only' area of the CoO website; I've written a brief article about this here.

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