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Friday, 17 October 2008

Plans to dual the N332 between Mazarron and Puerto de Mazarron

There is a report in that the Murcia regional government has authorised 167,485 Euros for the dualling of the N332 between Mazarron and Puerto de Mazarron. Parts of this relatively short stretch of road can become extremely busy at certain times of day, specially at lunch-time when many vehicles wish to exit the commercial premises as one nears the Mazarron end of this link-road, so converting it into a dual-carriageway sounds like a good idea; one hopes proper access and exit points will be incorporated into the new development as this road can be somewhat chaotic at busy times at present.

This complements the plans announced earlier for the improvement of the N332 between Mazarron and Aguilas, with better access to beach areas along this route being planned.

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Les Crook said...

I read with interest the news of the proposal to make the N332 into a dual carriageway. Does anybody know what progress is being made on the new sports complex on this same stretch of road.
Les Crook

Bill said...

Hi Les

There is something in the back of my mind telling me that I did see a mention of it some months ago, but I've not been able to trace any stories on this proposed sports complex at present.

Of course I'm not currently 'on the ground' in Mazarron, so all my news about happenings there comes from scrutiny of local online news reports and of course I don't always pick up on every local news story. If I do come across something I will surely write about it.

Best regards