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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Unemployment rises sharply in Murcia region

In the last three months unemployment in the Murcia region has risen to 101,600, up 20,100 in the past three months, representing a rise of 24.69 per cent over the previous quarter. The current unemployment level of 101,600 represents an unemployment rate of 14.09 per cent. Only Andalusia and Catalonia have suffered a greater rise in unemployment.

Over the past year the rise is even more dramatic; 44,800 more are unemployed, representing an increase of 78.85 per cent over the level only 12 months ago. Total unemployment throughout Spain has reached 2,598,800, or 11.33 per cent, the highest level since early 2004.

All very depressing, but these cold statistics represent merely what most people have been seeing happen to economies throughout the western world over recent months and to the property sector and those other areas of the economy which depend upon it in Spain; Christmas is unlikely to be a time of great joy and happiness for a lot of these people.

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