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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Mayor of Mazarron meets wth Association of Neighbours and Community of Owners of Country Club

Fransisco Blaya, Mayor of Mazarron, met last week with representatives of the Association of Owners and of the Community of Owners of Mazarron Country Club. According to the press release issued to the local media by the municipal government, the major topic of the discussion was the problem of the water supply, which according to the press release was 'solved' by the Mayor. Well, up to a point, Lord Copper(*) ... it was certainly a major problem and indeed his intervention was undoubtedly helpful in resolving the problem.

However, there is no mention in this 'press release' of the real major problem - the lack of issuance of Occupancy Licences (aka 'Habitation Cerificates') for most of the properties, itself made impossible because of the lack of completion of the basic infrastructure of the urbanisation, which has prevented owners (all owners) from contracting directly with the suppliers of utility services such as water, electricity and gas and made them continue to be reliant on supplies provided through the builder.

The linked article has a nice photo, though. One might almost believe there were local elections in the offing ...

* - with acknowledgements to Evelyn Waugh ('Scoop')

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