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Thursday, 20 November 2008

MCC - Audit Team - Important Announcement

MCC Owners should visit the MCC Community of Owners website (the URL has changed since this article was written and the new URL has therefore been substituted for continuity) and log into the 'Owners Only' section where you can read a very important announcement about the final results of the votes taken at the recent AGM and particularly as it affects the future of the Audit Team.

The additional residents bulletin board seems very quiet this morning (?power cuts or absorbing the details - who knows?), so perhaps only those who may have visited the CoO website this morning are aware of this, specially those currently outside Spain, so I thought it was important to blog about it here. NB/ The 'additional residents bulletin board' has been replaced by 'Soapbox' - visit the links page of my main Spanish website for guidance on how to access 'Soapbox' in the Community section there.

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