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Friday, 28 November 2008

Public Prosecutor calls for 6 years prison for Mazarrón Mayor

(Please see UPDATE at end)

The public prosecutor is calling for a prison sentence of 6 years for the Mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco Blaya in a case to be heard on 4th December in the Provincial Court involving the alleged misappropriation of public money in the form of prepayments made to council member Domingo Valera. Also charged under the same offences are Domingo Valera himself and municipal comptroller Pedro Sánchez García and the public prosecutor has asked for prison sentences for them of 5 years and 5 months. In all three cases the pubpic prosecutor is asking for 10 years disqualification from the holding of public office in addition.

The case dates back to the period immediately after the municipal elections of May 2003 and it is alleged that between September 15 2003 and August 11, 2005 payments totalling 33,300 Euros were made to Domingo Valera in the form of salary payments, but these payments it is alleged did not replace salary payments, but were in addition to them and were effectively 'gifts' of public money. In addition it is alleged that Domingo Valera was indebted to the council in respect of unpaid council tax liabilities from 2000 and that by July 2005 the debt amounted to 4,113 Euros.

Whilst these charges have not yet been heard in the court, that will not happen until next week, it is pertinent to recall that reliance on the assistance of people who are defendants in a court case for abuse of their public offices may not be entirely wise. In my opinion.

UPDATE: Please see later post here.

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