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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

¡Sí pudimos!

Of course I've been following the US presidential election closely, but here is how one Murcia newspaper has greeted the victory of Barack Obama, or in his words sending a message to the world.

PS/ I am sorry for the paucity of posts here in the past week (or so) - I have been busy here in Scotland and there haven't been a lot of unexpected or dramatic developments in Murcia region recently (or at least none which have caught my eye particularly), so far as I can see from this distance. Of course there have been dramatic developments at MCC, but as most people who are concerned with these no doubt also follow the two main bulletin boards and the CoO website which cover such matters collectively there seemed little utility in me simply repeating what everyone else who is interested (and probably in many cases closer to these events) already knew. I generally try and write posts only when I have something useful to contribute. Obviously everyone in the world probably already knows about the US election result, but I hope you will forgive my vanity in wishing to put the 'Yes, we can!' slogan of the Obama campaign in a post here in Spanish.

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