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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Serious flaw found in 'IE' - recommend switch to 'Firefox'

A serious security flaw has been found in Microsoft's internet browser Internet Explorer (IE) affecting the latest version IE7 - apparently Microsoft are working urgently on a fix, but until this is released it is being suggested that users switch to a rival such as Firefox.

I tend to use Firefox most of the time anyway (and have done so for about 3 or so years), as I've never liked IE and find it 'clunky' and inconvenient to use, but I also use Opera from time to time - if you don't have Firefox already, you can download it for free; just put Firefox into your Google search box and it'll come up with links to the Mozilla website.

(PS/ I noticed the link above in a message posted on the MCC Additional Residents Bulletin Board, but thought it deserved as wide a dissemination as possible so have reposted this article in both my blogs.)

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