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Monday, 2 February 2009

20 per cent of Mazarrón residents are British

According to recently-published data, the population of Mazarrón municipality continues to grow, rising from an estimated 35,149 in November 2008, to an estimated 36,436 toward the end of January 2009. However, one fact I noticed particularly is that there are estimated to be 6,987 British citizens locally, or almost 20 per cent of the population; I presume this refers to the numbers registered on the 'padron'. Interestingly there is a significant gender imbalance, with 53.29 per cent male and only 46.71 female inhabitants.

People of 80 nationalities are believed to live locally, with a significant presence from amongst 20 European nationalities, including those from Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, UK and Romania; the linked article does not give any information about the total number of foreign residents locally, but one assumes that it must be very significant, given that the British already represent 20 per cent and there are probably quite significant number of Germans, Dutch and a few other nationalities, too. In 2000 the town had only 18,892 inhabitants, so the population has almost doubled in less than ten years. According to the Mayor of Mazarrón, Sr Francisco Blaya, the foreign inhabitants have generally been integrated into the population with great success.

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