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'Fair and softly goes far' - Miguel de Cervantes

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

24-hour countdown begins for my departure for Spain

I have just updated the header message at the top of my blog in anticipation of my departure tomorrow, almost exactly 24 hours from now, for about three months in Spain, to escape the tail end of the British winter and enjoy the early Spring-like weather in Murcia over coming weeks.

I'll probably be blogging here rather more frequently during my time in Spain of course than I am accustomed to when I am at home in Scotland, because I can devote more time to local-ish events happening all around me, at least after the next few days when I get myself settled in to the house there (stock the refrigerator, put out garden furniture, etc).

Then it'll be back to the splendid long daylight hours in the north of Scotland in mid-May for the summer.

¡Hasta Luego!

PS/ I recently started a sort of mini-blog at a site called 'Twitter'; this allows very brief comments to be added 'on the fly', limited to 140 characters. I have had great fun with it in the past few weeks. You can follow me on Twitter and there is now a permanent link to my 'Twitter' page near the top right column of the blog; I will probably add the RSS feed to the right column as well in the next few days once my 'twitterings' become more Spain-centric.

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