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Friday, 20 February 2009

Electricity meter fitted

An electricity meter has just been fitted outside my house - which means that assuming everything goes well next week, when we start to fund the diesel direct through the CoO to fuel the site generators, I won't have any interruption in power supply to the house. The builder has stated they no longer have the funds to supply diesel themselves as they are apparently required to do until a 'certificate of first occupancy' (known also as a 'habitation certificate') can be issued, which cannot happen until the utility supply company accepts that the electric installations meet their technical standards and the top layer of tarmac has been added to the road surfaces to 'complete' the site.

Whilst I cannot say that I am in any way 'happy' about this whole situation, I am pleased [and relieved] that I will not, most likely, suffer too much disruption in power supply; I did not come to Spain for my 3-month winter break to spend it in a cold house without electricity when I have a perfectly good apartment, with very effective central heating, back home in Scotland.

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