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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mazarron Country Club and its current utilities problems

I've noticed quite a few visitors to this site (through my visit statistics) in the past couple of days whose visits here have resulted from searches relating to the current problems at Mazarron Country Club (MCC) in connection with its electricity supply and the water supply (with specific reference to its water purification and pumping services), as a result of the builder Huma Mediterraneo SL having decided to cease supplying diesel for the generators which provide electricity to those properties (some 70 per cent) not currently on mains supply from Iberdrola.

The reason I have not written anything here about these matters is very simple; currently I am at home in Scotland and not at my holiday home at Mazarron Country Club. Owners of property at Mazarron Country Club have access to a bulletin board (the 'new' bulletin board) available only to bona fide owners there, so those who have access to that bulletin board will already have as much information about what is going on there as I have. Broadly speaking, I cannot supply more information, even if I have occasional telephone contact with people there who can perhaps give more up to date information, or at least their own 'take' on the latest developments as they themselves know them.

Believe me, I am as interested in knowing what is going on at MCC as anyone else who owns a property there, not least because I am scheduled to travel there in a couple of weeks time to begin my annual 3-month winter stay there. Currently I am trying to decide whether to delay my arrival there in view of these current difficulties; in the next few days I will have to make a definite decision about this. Unfortunately I can add nothing more useful at this time.

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