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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

More power cuts today

Power went off early today - at 8.30am, then back on at at 2.15pm and just as I had started to write this earlier at about 3.20pm it went off again. Electricity came back on again for the evening (one hopes!) at about 6.25pm.

Although it was bright and had begun to get warmish in the morning, it became quite overcast by about midday and cool in the afternoon. After lunch and reading, I went for a walk - then I resorted to a proper siesta as I badly-needed some more hours of sleep anyway and at least I would be warm in bed. Not one of my better days, I'd have to say, but trying to 'accentuate the positive', the siesta did me good.

PS/ A neighbour tells me that the electricians told him they are finished at our little bit of MCC now, so with luck we should have no more prolonged power cuts as we have had during the last two days.

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subrosa said...

You see Bill, the grass is never greener is it? At least here you can use as much electricity as you wish and with few problems. Haste ye back.

Bill said...

Hi Subrosa

Despite my somewhat curmudeonly remarks, I'm pleased to be here and no doubt tomorrow (and indeed now that I've had a delicious dinner) things will look better.

Time enough to 'haste me back' to bonnie Scotland mid-May when Spring is in full swing and Scotland is at its prettiest.